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Name: Naimar Natusch

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Hair: wavy long black Hair

Eyes: green,grey

Face: normal face

Shoulders: Medium

Body: tin

Height: 1.58 m

Weight: 50

Creature: Human

Features: has powers of light and very strong healpowers

Special abilities: Can hear very well

Facts: is royal (her grandpa was a king from Nunavut (very far away))

Past: She had a childhood friend called Kai. Kai is a ghost and only she can hear and see him. Kai was sented to her to protect her from bad. They had a nice time togheter. But Kai
had to go to netherland after 14 years. Before he went, Naimar had to promise him not to end her life cause of him, so that she now searchs a way to get him back. She felt in love with Sam.

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1 Ayamee Ayamee | E-mail | Web | 26. ledna 2010 v 19:54 | Reagovat

Prečo je ten profil po anglicky :D?

2 Tarin Tarin | Web | 27. ledna 2010 v 18:35 | Reagovat

Nestihla som ho ešte prepísať xD

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