Shalimar Winchester

28. července 2007 v 20:52 | Miril |  S-W-F
(Text je neplatný a prerába sa!)
Name: Shalimar Winchester
Gender: female
Age: 25
Hair: black
Eyes: red
Face: medium
Shoulders: medium
Body: thin
Height: 160
Weight: 45
Creature:Vampire/from dragonix
Features:throwing blades, uzi
Special abilities: cat abilities, empatic
Attitude: tenuit
Facts:She is Seths sis, She wos in love many times and like May but her love died. She wos trying her luck again with Subaru. But there relacionshit wos destroyd becouse she starded to hate him ( nobody know why).Now she is in love with Ryo. She is very agresive to people around and specialy seth. She hat a firma named Alfil. She is one of the leaders in Plateo. She reprezents Might. She comes from the family of the Vamps named Winchester.

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